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Sipro Lab Telecom

Sipro Lab Telecom

With nearly two decades experience in patent pool creation and management for standardized telecommunication technologies, Sipro Lab Telecom leverages broad-based knowledge of both the telecommunications market and the rules and processes of standards bodies to serve our partners and customers. Our services include:

  • Patent Pool Creation Facilitator
  • Licensing Agent
  • Patent Pool Administrator and Moderator

Sipro’s experienced team of professionals covers all aspects of licensing services, including initial negotiations, patent pool creation and administration, license sales, marketing and account management.

Our unrivaled sales team has extensive experience with licensees around the globe. They know the markets, the wide range of products and applications and the licensee profiles. Their thorough analysis of customer needs, detailed explanation of license terms and continuous follow-ups contribute to optimum timeframes for the conclusion of license agreements.

Our strong marketing team creates awareness of the technologies we represent through trade show visits, publicity and public relations. Market analysis and segmentation activities enable them to identify new market niches and create pricing schemes according to product categories and specific markets.

Our accounting team is experienced in handling international transactions, including tax management.
Sipro’s legal resources include both specialized in-house licensing expertise and access to external experts in anti-trust law, patents and licensing.

Sipro also has access to technical experts who are active in international standardization bodies, so we not only understand the standardization process and rules very well but are attuned to coming directions and trends.

Sipro has managed the G.729 and G.723.1 patent pools for widespread adoption of the respective technologies and has structured and launched new patent pools  for the evolution of the telecommunications market today and tomorrow. In addition to these successful achievements, Sipro has been recently mandated to manage the W-CDMA Patent Pool.

Throughout the years, Sipro has gained a strong international reputation among major telecommunication patent holders as a professional and reliable licensing agent who is entirely dedicated to satisfy third parties who wish to grant access to their technologies.
Sipro’s hallmarks are:

  • Solid business ethics in managing multiple patent pools
  • Extensive knowledge of the telecommunications market
  • A proactive sales approach that contributes to optimum timeframes for the conclusion of license agreements
  • Dedication to service excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction

Sipro Lab Telecom is a privately owned Canadian corporation, created in 1994 and based in Montreal, Quebec.


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